Collaborative Learning Curriculum:  All Washington DC ArchAngels training curriculum is based on collaborative learning among peers and practicing experts. Lectures are minimized, and most sessions focus on collaborations in small teams. Participants learn better by collaborating to solve problems, analyze real business operations, and practice investment decisions. The training objective is to maximize learning results with teams of members that include start-up entrepreneurs, experienced serial entrepreneurs, and novice and experienced angel investors.  Effective knowledge transfer occurs when those most ready to learn work side-by-side with those who have achieved significant returns on company investments.


  • Better understanding of basic issues in startup investing
  • In-depth understanding of how to assess risk and opportunity
  • Confidence and skills needed to engage with highly experienced investors
  • Greater knowledge and understanding of the needs and requirements of the broad range of investors, including angels, venture capital and other flexible financing methods

​Investor preparation - Training that helps both investors and entrepreneurs become better informed and more skilled in using tested angel investor strategies and techniques.

Start-up and early-stage investment is an especially tough game: Entrepreneurs spend years developing and testing a business idea, and new investors are cautious about committing time and money to a new venture. Time, funding, and execution capability are limited resources, and managing them is critical in avoiding a multitude of setbacks, especially enterprise burnout and investor fatigue.

To meet the demands of startup investing, both investors and entrepreneurs need ready knowledge and a toolkit of investment basics such as how to perform basic due diligence, build company valuation, and effectively use a term sheet. For more than a decade, principals at Washington DC ArchAngels have produced more than 100 events across the U.S. and have trained thousands of seed- and early-stage angel investors and startup entrepreneurs in seed- and early-stage investment.

​​ArchAngels Proactive Entrepreneur Basics - Learning through Peer/Expert Teams, prepares founders and enterprise leaders to tackle the #1 tough job of fundraising for their companies: "How to excite investors and get them interested in your company as an investment."

Entrepreneurs must be able to "stand and deliver" to the seasoned investors who have evaluated thousands of companies and rejected more than 95% of them. Yes, a polished set of slides is good, and it may be an advantage to spend thousands on advice from consultants, but the investor’s spotlight shines only on the entrepreneur.

Investors with a track record of successes look for entrepreneurs who consistently demonstrate the key characteristics of winners. These include low stress levels, high relaxation capability, charisma, likeability, intuitiveness, humility, and high internal energy as well as command of their posture, movements, and gestures. Entrepreneurs with these types of behaviors are usually highly effective communicators who can articulate vision, strategy, and investment opportunity. If aware and knowledgeable of these behaviors, entrepreneurs can improve their ability to use them effectively. These are power pitch skills. Using them, entrepreneurs give more engaging and persuasive presentations that attract investor attention.

Start-up Entrepreneurs Basics: Power Pitch Webinar - A webinar brings entrepreneurs together with investors and expert coaches for an intensive three-hour online learning session. The primary objective is to craft and test a 90-second presentation that will take entrepreneurs to higher levels of performance and more successful outcomes. Facilitators guide participants through a series of interactive exercises and discussions to help entrepreneurs identify and sharpen specific personal skills that lead to more effective investor presentations. Participants also collaborate with investors and experts in discussions of the fundamentals of building winning companies and how to communicate essentials quickly, cogently, and powerfully.

Expected outcomes include:

  • sharper understanding and more skillful use of essential behaviors required for a successful investor pitch

  • expanded knowledge of the "hot buttons" that engage investor interest and support

  • understanding and practice of the five elements of power that most attract investors in startup and growth companies

  • effective personal power pitch that can be communicated in only 90 seconds, gained through step-by-step instruction and feedback

  • enhanced and effective 10-minute presentation that will attract investors to your company

  • working and effective "power pitch" for investors. 

CFO Masters: Funding FastTrack Workshop - This one-day workshop provides entrepreneurs the tools they need to build a standout funding strategy. It includes intensive expert and peer review of the participant's company’s financial strategy, plus one-on-one coaching on a customized winning strategy for financing. Master CFOs help participants greatly improve their ability in securing risk capital. Key takeaways include 
increased understanding of key investor issues related to company financial needs and strategic  understanding of the needs and requirements of the broad range of investors, including angels, venture capital, mezzanine financing, banking and government granting organizations.