A Community of Company Builders: The mission of the Washington DC ArchAngels to develop and strengthen the climate for both entrepreneurs and investors in startup and growth companies. To accomplish this mission, the Washington DC ArchAngels continuously works with DC region’s most active, seasoned, and successful investors. With the “know-who, know-how, and know capital,” members facilitate opportunities for selected companies to connect with, learn from and partner with investors, finance professionals, and strategic business partners.

Starting in 2011, the
Washington DC ArchAngels has been a leader in building the community of company builders in the Washington DC region. In 2016, the Board of Directors implemented a formal membership program to increase company building effectiveness.  All members now execute a formal written agreement containing policies and operating procedures that strengthen collaborative efforts that will increase the resources needed to attract active investors and top entrepreneurial companies. 

To address the current investment market, identifying, recruiting and qualifying active accredited investors is a major effort. To help meet the needs of exceptional startup and high growth companies for "know who, know how, and know capital," the Washington DC ArchAngels invites both experienced and new-to-investing high net worth individuals to participate in the organization's events and activities.  These efforts are highly beneficial to the community:  current members gain from a greatly expanded network of active investors and repeat entrepreneurs. New members gain from valuable new contacts and relationships with highly successful and experienced company builders.

This helps build and sustain the energetic core needed to support and strengthen new initiatives in company building.  Key current initiatives include launching a co-investment fund, aggressively providing more crowdfunding resources and establishing high-growth accelerator projects to support exceptional companies.

Sponsorships: The Washington DC ArchAngels offers sponsorships to a wide variety of individuals and organizations to create opportunities for mutual exposure and benefits.  Our two (2) main sponsorships include:

  • Monthly Meetings- includes recognition through prominent display of Sponsor’s name on all material developed by the Washington DC ArchAngels as well as an opportunity to speak to the group regarding any activities that may be happening within the Sponsor’s organization in the upcoming month.
  • Special Events- are determined prior to each event and include opportunities to sponsor our quarterly receptions, seminars, and annual events.

Membership Levels: Annual membership dues, established by theBoard of Directors, are assessed according to member qualifications and ability to contribute to the mission of the Washington DC ArchAngels.  For more information, and to apply for membership, click on the links shown below:

  • Individual Membership (1 member)—allows individual access to the Washington DC ArchAngels events and activities
  • Organization Membership(maximum of 3 members)—allows benefits of individual membership, plus access by two (2) additional members from each organization
  • Affiliate Membership(1 member)—allows individual membership benefits and entitles the Affiliate Member to enter into formal collaborative projects with the Washington DC ArchAngels that can benefit both organizations.

Member Benefits & Structure:  Membership in the Washington DC ArchAngels is open to qualified stakeholders with a solid interest in developing and strengthening the climate for both entrepreneurs and investors while creating an active, collaborative community.  New members are welcome.  Membership benefits include: 

  • Access to deal flow managed by Washington DC ArchAngels
  • Access to global investment opportunities with high-growth potential companies
  • Attendance at monthly meetings
  • No cost presentations by members
  • Opportunities for the Washington DC ArchAngels business collaborations
  • Access to member-only contact information
  • Company Referrals by DCAA
  • Participation in ongoing special projects
  • Invitation-only events at Washington DC ArchAngelsChapters.