Entrepreneurs Assessment and Guidance Report (EAGR)

The EAGR is scheduled to launch in April 2023.

For more information:

Contact Randy Reade at rreade503@gmail.com

Step 5: After completing Steps 1-4, you are eligible to participate in the WDCA invitation-only “Angel Investment Readiness Lab (AIRLab)”. Over a three-month cohort, companies will be given specific tasks that will get them positioned to approach angel investors for their funding.

​Upon graduation from the cohort, entrepreneurs will have the following: 

     a)    Written value proposition
     b)    Market research report
     c)    Go-to-market strategy
     d)    Five-year financial pro forma 
     e)    Term sheet
     f)     Valuation of the company 
     g)    A 200-word company summary
     h)    Tightly focused executive summary
     i)     Slide deck that will attract investors
     j)     Five-minute video presentation

The EAGR Tool and Report

Follow the steps below to get top level advice on how to jumpstart your company’s growth and best position your company for Angel Investment!

Building Winning Companies

The Washington DC ArchAngels has developed a unique tool that will help both entrepreneurs and investors assess the readiness of any early-stage company for Angel Investment. It is titled the Entrepreneurs Assessment and Guidance Report (EAGR).

Those who take the EAGR assessment should be early-stage entrepreneurs that are interested in whether the company’s business plan covers all the domains (subject areas) that Angel Investors are typically concerned about. The questions and answers are based on over a decade of experience with thousands of entrepreneurs and Angel Investors to determine which domains are most important to investors, and by extension, are the most important to determining the eventual success of the company in attracting Angel Investment.

The EAGR is NOT a predictor of success. Rather, it is a tool to help early-stage companies understand the basic elements of successful companies and how they should be positioned to attract Angel Investment. By answering the questions honestly, the entrepreneur can determine which domains they need to work on to secure outside investment. For investors, the results of the EAGR will help them decide whether an Angel Investment should be made.

Step 1: Apply to take the EAGR Assessment. Your application will be reviewed by the Washington DC ArchAngels and if approved, you will receive an email which will enable you to register for the EAGR Baseline Assessment. Most applications are reviewed and responded to within 24 hours of submission.

Step 2: Complete the
EAGR questionnaire. When finished, download your Baseline EAGR report for free to see your EAGR score and how you compare with your early-stage peers seeking Angel Investment. There is no fee for an annual EAGR Baseline subscription and you can retake the Baseline assessment as many times as you need during your subscription period.

Step 3: If you would like to receive customized guidance and specific recommendations about next steps you should take to improve your attractiveness to Angel Investors, you can simply upgrade your subscription and download a detailed Advanced EAGR report.

Step 4: If needed, you are welcome to schedule a meeting with subject matter experts at the WDCA or any of their designated Partners or Affiliates. Two 60-minute sessions are required to get started and are designed to help you take a deeper dive into the EAGR assessment results and show what the next steps should be to prepare for seeking Angel Investment.

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