Global Outreach: The nation and international networks of the members of Washington DC ArchAngels provide a global reach to identify and qualify companies to participate in its meetings.  Members provide continuing stellar company referrals, month after month and year after year.  The Washington DC ArchAngels also collaborates and receives referrals from foreign embassy representatives who recommend entrepreneurs from, China, Italy, Poland, Argentina, Organization of American States, South Korea and Australia.  Embassy relationships regularly provide excellent company referrals and opportunities for local investors (e.g., Optii Solutions, Brisbane, Australia. The company moved to Washington, DC and has received investment from three individual investors of the Washington DC ArchAngels).

​Relationship Driven Process: Investor and entrepreneur participation in the Washington DC ArchAngels meetings and events are by personal referral and invitation-only through a member or officer.  Our members and officers have extensive experience in company building and standards for investment-ready companies.  Acceptable referrals come from those who have made several investments in companies or have current principal and direct interests in companies. Meeting these standards helps ensure that all investors and entrepreneurs benefit from building relationships and pursuing collaborations with members of the Washington DC ArchAngels.

​Activities: In 2022, Washington DC ArchAngels celebrates its eleventh year helping company builders - the active startup investors and repeat (serial) entrepreneurs, and other skilled professionals.  Our combined efforts have improved the Washington, DC region’s investment environment, and has strengthened the base of leaders from talented entrepreneurs and experienced investors. Opportunities for success are better than ever before and improving.

Today we are better prepared to take the opportunities, build stronger resources, and become even more effective in company building. This continues to produce faster company growth, higher company valuations, reduced execution risks, and earlier returns on investment. Our Individual Members, Senior Advisors and Reviewers, and Sponsors are all active in making this happen.

Metrics: Since its founding, with the help of savvy professionals from our national network, the Washington DC ArchAngels has worked to improve the quality of resources in the DC region for startup investors and entrepreneurs. Now, based on the solid outcomes of this work, the practice of company building in the MD-DC-VA region is much stronger.

Our Achievements:

  • Over 9,000+ company quality personal referrals from our network
  • Three IPOs (one with 25x ROI) and two more in process
  • More than 100 acquisitions at 3x-5x ROI (within 24 months or less)
  • Minimal downsides (e.g., fewer than ten companies of the 800+ companies that have participated in a business meeting of Washington DC ArchAngels).

We expect this level of performance to not only continue, but improve.  In the past two (2) years, the membership now includes many new active accredited investors - representatives from five (5) new local venture capital companies, six (6) local angel groups, and many new solo angel investors. Their impact has been significant. For example, a venture capital company that joined our group has quietly made investments in more than 100 startups.  Individual investors have provided more than $40 million to promising startup companies.