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Investor Business Meetings

Washington DC ArchAngels Monthly Business Meetings are focused on the "know-who, know-how, and know-capital," the single-most important rule for success in angel investing.

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Investors Reception

Wednesday - June 7, 2017

5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

For more information, contact:​​

Randall Reade

EVP, Washington DC ArchAngels


​​Attending a Meeting or Other Event

Members: Any member, in good standing, of theWashington DC ArchAngels  may attend monthly business meetings and other sponsored events to learn about the investment and management needs of small and medium size enterprises with high-growth potential.  Members, Associates, and Sponsors participate in accordance with the Bylaws of Washington DC ArchAngels LLC.

Guests: Only Members, in good standing, may refer Guests for possible attendance at a meeting or other event.  All referrals and requests are sent to the President or Executive Vice President of Washington DC ArchAngels  for approval. Requests must be submitted at least five (5) days in advance of the meeting or other event.  Members must affirm personal knowledge of the guest and attest to their good standing in the investment community. Guests that receive a referral should be able to demonstrate a strong interest in investment opportunities in startups and growth companies with high-growth potential.  After approval, Guests will receive a formal written invitation to attend a meeting or other event.  Attendance as a Guest is limited to two (2) Washington DC ArchAngels meetings or other event. Both Members and Guests understand that the President or Executive Vice President of Washington DC ArchAngels makes the final decision about Guest attendance.

Company Representatives: Only those company representatives that have received a formal written invitation from the Washington DC ArchAngels to attend a meeting or other event may do so for a period of one (1) year from the date of the invitation. Company representatives that have received an invitation will have undergone extensive vetting for their potential to add value to the Washington DC ArchAngels "Community of Company Builders." 

Meeting and Event Standards:  All attendees to any Washington DC ArchAngels meeting or other event must abide by all federal and state laws and regulations concerning investment of funds in start-up companies.  Also, all attendees should be familiar with SEC Regulations regarding such investments. Additionally, meeting or other event attendees shall abide by the highest degree of ethics in dealing with members, guests, and all participating companies. Members and guests agree that, should any issue, potential or actual, arise regarding a conflict-of-interest, conflict with another member or presenter on any matter whatsoever, or a violation of law, to resolve the issue or determine the best course of action, they will notify the Washington DC ArchAngels President or Executive Vice President as soon as possible.

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