​Preparation to Participate:  After completing its final review and at its sole discretion, the Washington DC ArchAngels may provide a formal written invitation to the company to participate in a monthly meeting, special event, or other program. These companies are carefully vetted as strong candidates for presentation at a monthly meeting, special event.

 An invited candidates must pay, in advance, a one-time administrative fee. The standard meeting Administrative Fee is $950.  This fee covers the cost of a mandatory three-hour review of candidate company material (phone and/or webinar), an edited videotaped company presentation for public release, and subsequent referrals and introductions to members of the Washington DC ArchAngels network. 

​Invitation Process:  To ensure that candidate companies are sufficiently prepared and of high interest to the Washington DC ArchAngels, all candidate companies participate in a multi-step process of review, evaluation, and coaching.  Only candidates that successfully pass these steps may receive an invitation to participate and provide company information at a meeting, or to participate in other programs and workshops.

If the Washington DC ArchAngels extends an invitation to the company to participate in a monthly  meeting, special event, or other program, the company must submit a complete slide deck- limited to ten (10) page - describing the company’s business, structure, team, and investment strategy.​  

Working with Entrepreneurs:  The  Washington DC ArchAngels provides the opportunity for entrepreneurs to participate in monthly business meetings and, additionally, participate in our special events and programs such as StartUp Investor Workshops and ArchAngels Crowdfund.

We work solely with companies referred by members, associates, and approved financial and investment professionals - relying heavily on their expert recommendations.  Qualifying companies must meet specific criteria, shown below:

  • Sustainable organic growth
  • Solid operations and stellar reputation
  • Huge and/or growing market demand for company products and solutions
  • Multiple proprietary relationships with defacto leaders in high-growth markets
  • Strong leadership from management, backers, and advisors who can assist in business development, partnerships, markets, and operational areas, and 
  • Near term exits with at least 3x to 5x financial returns. 

Referrals:  When a Washington DC ArchAngels member, associate, or professional associate refers a company, this indicates the possibility of an exceptional investment or collaborative opportunity.

To maintain the highest levels of candidates for participation, the
Washington DC ArchAngels carefully screens and vets all referred companies.   Each company must have a compelling potential of high-growth and a superior investor-focused presentation to attract participation of the Washington DC ArchAngels and our network members.​

Reviews:  Referred companies undergo an extensive review and vetting by professionals who possess high levels of expertise in specific domains, technology and investment tools.  Passing the review helps ensure that the company will be attractive to highly qualified investors.  As such, all companies that receive an invitation must meet high standards to participate in a Washington DC ArchAngels meeting or participate in another activity meet high standards.

All referred candidate companies must submit a Company Description Form. On the form, company representative provide concise information (not business plans) according to specific categories of investor-focused information relevant to the members of
Washington DC ArchAngels. There is no charge for an initial review, and the Washington DC ArchAngels, at its sole discretion, determines if working further with the company would be beneficial to both the company and to the Washington DC ArchAngels.