The Washington DC Archangels team includes Board Members, Senior Advisors, and Associates.  Board Members play the important role of suggesting and approving policies and procedures that guide the group's day-to-day activities.

The background and experience of Our Team makes the Washington DC ArchAngels unique. There is an abundance of former entrepreneurs with multiple exits who have extensive experience in creating, building, and exiting a business.  Most members are individual investors, but many are part of local venture capital firms and angel investor groups, or highly-skilled finance professionals. They bring strong company building experience and, importantly, significant national business networks of investment partners and business development experts. Several actively work with investors in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.  Our Team's net worth ranges from simple SEC accreditation to several hundred million dollars.

Our Team works almost exclusively with enterprises with exceptional growth potential in the global marketplace. Their investments span a wide-range of funding levels and include most industries, but all focus on “best-of-the-best” companies with a multiplicity of revenue streams.  Our Team members continuously seek out new companies with high-growth potential from across the nation and around the globe, and then assist selected companies to increase their investment potential and success. Our team actively provides companies the resources needed to accelerate rapid growth and create attractive opportunities for acquisitions and IPOs.  They are the driving force in our Community of Company Builders.