Sharon Seivert

Sharon Seivert is a highly-experienced entrepreneur who has launched several successful corporate and non-profit enterprises. Over the past few years, she worked with leaders of the Washington DC Archangels to design and launch “The Proactive Entrepreneur” – a highly effective company-building program that guides entrepreneurs through a systematic, proactive process that keeps them on track to achieving their great goals, while also preventing them from inadvertently sabotaging their own success. She also coaches business executives and teams to new levels of performance AND works with leaders and companies to remove internal and external obstacles that are limiting their capacity to build and maintain wealth.

Washington DC Archangels’ Proactive Entrepreneur Program is based on The Balancing Act (TBA). This pragmatic process was invented by Seivert and is used as a foundation for work in her companies (The Coreporation, Inc [TCI], Core Learning Services [CLSI]) and with her business partners in South America (Allied Minds) and Europe (De Coreporation).  Through these business entities, Seivert and her colleagues use TBA's comprehensive, step-by-step CHANGE approach to help both companies and individuals get unstuck and then breakthrough to greater performance, profits, and happiness. The TBA process has proven successful for people from all walks of life – entrepreneurs, leaders, executives, career-changers, at-risk youth, teachers, ex-prisoners, and others.  Prior to these current companies, Seivert launched a ground-breaking Group Health Plan, a DC-area think tank, and health care centers.

Author: In addition to the recently released SOS: Switch Off Stress (101 Really Fast Ways), Seivert is author or co-author of the following: the SOS app/game (to be released April 2017), The Balancing Act: Mastering the 5 Elements of Success in Life, Relationships and Work, Working from Your Core: Personal and Corporate Wisdom in a World of Change, Knowledge Leadership: The Art and Science of the Knowledge-based Organization, Magic at Work, plus designed an entire line of online assessments, courses, and guidebooks.

Note: Several of these books, apps, tools and assessments are included in successive levels of the WDCA’s Proactive Entrepreneur Program: 

  • The Entrepreneurial Strengths Scale (reveals your strengths and weaknesses)
  • Personal Balance Profile (details items where you need improvement)
  • Proactive Entrepreneur Guidebook (tailored to your strengths & weaknesses)
  • Strategic Roadmap (with your benchmarks and measures of success)
  • SOS book and app/game (one-minute stress busters for the busy entrepreneur)
  • Organizational Balance Profile (overcomes leaders’ “Iceberg of Ignorance”)
  • Team Balance Profile (increases cooperation, communication, performance)

Contact Sharon directly at sseivert@thecoreporation.com