Juan Figueroa

Dr. Juan Figueroa, Ph.D. is currently the Principal of Abenaki Connect, LLC.  Abenaki Connect assists institutions in the transfer of innovative technologies and solutions to the market.

Prior to Abenaki, Dr. Figuero (retired 2014) served as a Program Director at the National Science Foundation (NSF) in the Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR).  Dr. Figueroa has over 20 years of research and development (R&D) management within the electronics and communications industries.

His last position before joining NSF was Product Development Consultant for Material Sensing and Instrumentation, Inc. (MSI), an NSF SBIR awarded company.

Before serviing as consultant to MSI, Dr. Figueroa was Director of Strategic Development and Project Management for the Ericsson's Home Communications Division, a multinational telecommunications and consumer electronics company. His first appointment after graduate school was with Bell Laboratories as a Member of the Technical Staff in Murray Hill, New Jersey and Allentown, Pennsylvania working in the development of microprocessor, CMOS, and networking technologies. After 13 years with Bell Laboratories Dr. Figueroa led the operations of a high-speed networking equipment design startup company.

Dr. Figueroa received his Ph.D. in Physics from the State University of New York at Binghamton. A native of Puerto Rico, Dr. Figueroa received his B.S in Physics from the University of Puerto Rico.