Listed below are several initiatives now in progress by one or more members of the Washington DC ArchAngels.  For more information on any project of interest, please contact Randy Reade, EVP.


  • ​Washington DC ArchAngels Network Funds - limited partners are now being recruited for a series of $5,000,000 “follow-on” funds. The fund’s investments are limited to investing inWashington DC ArchAngels portfolio companies that have been funded, in part, by our members.  Current funds include:

                 LitVision Media Investor Fund

                 Smart City Angel Investor Network   

  • Junior Associate Program - a six-month program for "Angels-in-Training" and "VCs-in-Training" for students and those interested in working for a venture capital fund or angel investor group.  
  • The Hangzhou Accelerator, Hangzhou, China, is a branch of the U.S.-Global Accelerator. The Washington DC ArchAngels, through a partnership with 5C Group Capital, now offers office and local business professional services for U.S. companies ready to enter the Chinese market.  
  • Investor Basics Workshops - For investors only. The day-long workshops teach investors and entrepreneurs the basics of company due diligence, valuation, terms sheets, and investor practices diligence, and how to design, deliver, and evaluate an investor pitch (a pitch to investors).  
  • Intellectual Property and Tech-Based Enterprises Workshops  two-day workshops to teach investors the tested methods needed to launch and grow companies based on strong intellectual property (IP) or exceptional proprietary technology.  Day 1 focuses on basic investor methods and practices and decision tools for understanding the business value of IP and proprietary technology.  Day 2 focuses on techniques for estimating IP and technology value, and how (and whether) to pursue IP protection.
  • Urban Agriculture - beyond corporate farms and mass growing technologies, there is a currently emerging revolution in technology that reduces growing time, water and fertilizer usage by more than 85%, and is totally insecticide-free while time increasing yield by 5x-10x.  These technologies and their application to the Food Hub concept are changing the face of agriculture.  The Washington DC ArchAngels is now a partner with the University of the District of Columbia’s College of Urban Sustainability and Environmental Sciences (CAUSES) to advance these technologies to improve the world's supply of healthy food while creating business opportunities, 24/7/365 in any world location - cold, hot, dry, and even rooftops.  
  • New Investor Program - are you qualified as an Accredited Investor under U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)?  We want you!  You don't know?  We can help!  If you are a high net-worth individual (household annual income of $200,000, single tax filing, or $300,000, joint tax filing), or have a net worth of $1M, excluding real estate, you need to learn how to be a successful investor in start-up and growth companies.  Get on our mailing list to attend exclusive receptions at beautiful local venues, or attend great workshops with colleagues and experienced investors.  Learn how to invest like a pro, with a pro.  

Projects:  The Washington DC ArchAngels continues to expand its search for new ways to provide funding partners for its members and increase the available capital to support growth of new and promising companies.  As a result, the Washington DC ArchAngels launches new initiatives suggested by members that helps build, support and sustain the energetic core needed for company building.