Donna Tsufura - The Dayako

Donna Tsufura is a Dayako, a Global Transformer, an agent, instigator, and creative force activating people and enterprises to fulfill their passion, higher purpose and legacy for humanity, and evolving a prosperous and peaceful world.

 As Washington DC ArchAngels is the "hat and halo" group among investor groups - doing good while doing the work necessary to generate profits, she looks for unrecognized avenues of products and services to benefit society and imaginative approaches and strategies in generating successful enterprises. While many companies operate traditionally and linearly, and are therefore more at risk when the status quo is disrupted, she operates in the multidimensional quantum field where everything that occurs is an opportunity and avenue for success.  

For entrepreneurs and startups, the Dayako provides catalytic value. She is able to quickly see the potential growth, impact, and evolution of an idea or enterprise beyond predictions. She identifies individuals who bring talents, skills, and resources that are key to future needs as well as present ones. She sees an overview landscape of occurring trends, events, and phenomena and the relatedness of seemingly disparate elements, and leverages them. She brings together uncommon parties that form new constellations of impact and influence.  She amplifies the possibilities of an enterprise and exponentially expands ways to realize its potential. She sees existence as a co-creation with the universe, with an intentional future ever arriving in the present, and what needs to be put in place to meet it.  

The Dayako sees the unique qualities of the Washington DC ArchAngels investor-entrepreneur culture and its vital, pivotal role in generating a new global business culture of values and practices, evolving a new ecosystem where entrepreneurs and emerging business in developed and developing countries collaborate in creating and sustaining successful, socially conscious enterprises that responsibly contribute to the well-being and prosperity of the world. 

The Dayako recognizes that the biggest untapped wealth of talent and innovation lies within the millions of bright minds in long ignored, underserved communities. Among the entities she has been pivotal in launching is 1M1B - One Million for One Billion which is committed to generating a million new entrepreneurs in challenged regions who address the needs of their communities and create prosperity, jobs, and stability leading to peace - 1M1B has gone from an idea to action in Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, and the U.S., and presenting at the United Nations. Through 1M1B, a network of transnational, interconnected generation of entrepreneurs is emerging along with community service models developed locally and can be replicated and adapted globally.

What has generated Dayako as a global catalyst is her diverse background and current activities. After graduating from Barnard College she began her career as a photo editor for Sports Illustrated, which was ideal for exploring competition, winning and losing, success and failure, individual and team effort, all relevant to business. She has worked for a wide variety of national publications which has provided connections and resources in many areas.  She is a filmmaker and playwright and has been on the staff of the Sundance Institute Summer Labs.  She has participated in transformational education. She regularly attends events with international focus and impact, including many at the United Nations. As a cofounder of JAJA (Japanese Americans and Japanese in America) and member of the US-Japan Council she has a special interest in Japan's role in influencing global culture and enterprise. She once spent a year traveling around the world to South America, Asia, and Africa which gave her an understanding of the realities people face and potential future of our global community. These experiences and explorations inform her consciousness and ability to detect  opportunities in multiple spheres.

No other investor group besides the Washington DC ArchAngels has a Dayako energizing people and enterprises to advance to unknown and exciting new realms and co-creating a phenomenal future now, with velocity.