Bob Hayden

Bob Hayden, Business Finance Consultant; US Private Funding, LLC.  As a Commercial Finance Consultant, I work with top-rated banks and specialty lenders to secure the best business financing (loan or lease, debt or equity). I provide lender or investor funding for acquisition, growth, cash flow, expansion and exit.

I help businesses obtain:

  • Business Loans for Working Capital, Acquisition, Expansion, Buyout
  • Commercial Real Estate Purchase, Buildout and New Equipment
  • SBA Commercial Loans, 504 and 7a to $5m, Working Capital to $350
  • SBA Export Working Capital Loans to $5m
  • Medical and Dental Practice Financing
  • Medical Insurance A/R Collections - No Upfront Fee, Low % of collected amount
  • Merchant Cash Advance - No Credit Requirements, 24-48 hours approval
  • Franchise Purchase
  • New Equipment Purchase and Lease
  • Purchase Order Financing / Letter of Credit
  • Secured and Unsecured Lines of Credit, $1k to $2m
  • Real Estate Fix and Flip, Rental, Purchase

So far I have closed three four working capital loans (all under $100k) and I have one $2m commercial SBA loan under contract.  I’m currently working on a dance studio renovation loan, a charter school construction/purchase loan and a medical practice acquisition loan and also have a few folks looking for real estate money.  
The SBA borrower (mentioned above) was already deep into the approval process with another local SBA lender, but I was able to get him a better package - .05% lower interest rate ($2k per month savings), $40k lower cash down required, $75k working capital rolled into the loan and 6-12 months no payments while his new office is being built out.  The deal has not closed yet but its been a smooth process so far and I don’t anticipate any problems (famous last words, right?).

Previously, Mr. Hayden was Pesident, US ATM Services, LLC.  US ATM Services provides a range of financial services to hospitality and retail clients including ATM equipment and services, vault cash management and cash distribution, ATM network processing and ATM sales, services and repair.   The company also provides small and mid-sized business finance services including inexpensive short-term emergency loans to merchants in financial distress.

Over the past twenty-five years, Mr. Hayden has founded, funded and operated several businesses including US TeleServices, Inc. (1982 to 1995), a company providing business telecommunications equipment and services; local, long distance, and data communications products and services; cellular and wireless equipment and services, and telecom consulting to businesses nationwide.

Mr. Hayden was owner and President of USTLD, Inc., a long-distance service provider (reseller) with network presence from Maine to Georgia.  USTLD served customers throughout its 22-state network with long distance and data networking services, private-labeled corporate and promotional phone cards, and customized business telecom services.

All of Mr. Hayden’s businesses have been profitable from month one and share common characteristics including multiple income streams from synergistic products and services and perpetual, ongoing residual income.

Prior to beginning his entrepreneurial career in 1986, Mr. Hayden was employed as a Senior Federal Account Manager with Graphic Sciences (Southern California), Dialcom, Inc., TCOM and Electronic Form Systems.Mr. Hayden is a graduate of University of Maryland with a B.S. in Business with a concentration in Political Science and International Affairs.  He is a member of the Private Capital Network of Southern California and a charter member of the DC Archangels.  He is also a veteran of the DC Air National Guard. Mr. Hayden brings more than two decades of experience in starting and operating profitable start-ups.  He brings practical, hands on business experience to the board of the DC Archangels with an interest in emerging technologies of all types.