Judy Kosovich

Judy Kosovich, Law Practice Consultant and Contractor – After getting a BS and MS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a brief stint in the food industry, Judy worked at the US Environmental Protection Agency while getting her J.D. from George Washington University's law school.  Though licensed as a patent attorney, she has spent most of her career in the regulatory and policy realm working on energy, environment, and health issues.  Her federal experience, which included the Office of Technology Assessment and the US Department of Energy, has been augmented with non-profit, industry, trade association, and law firm experience.  Her technical expertise in energy includes solar, off the grid living, energy pollution, energy efficiency, and vacuum realm/zero point energy.  Her food expertise includes agricultural practices, fair trade, organic standards, and hype.  Her health expertise is primarily in the area of complementary and alternative medicine, though she is also aware of policy issues such as vaccines, fluoride, and flame retardants.  She has brought a broad perspective, diverse contacts, and problem-solving skills to the Washington DC ArchAngels for the past two (2) years, first as a Senior Advisor, and now as an Associate.