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Entrepreneurs Assessment and Guidance Report

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Follow these steps to get top level advice on your company’s growth and obtaining angel investment!

Step 1: Complete the EAGR questionnaire. Upon completion, download your Baseline EAGR report for free.

Step 2: Obtain a detailed Advanced EAGR report with our guidance and recommendations for your company that are tailored to your needs. Fee: $795.

Step 3: Schedule a meeting with a WDCA founder for two 45 minute sessions to discuss your company and how you can best find angel investments. Fee: $1495

Step 4: Speak with two of our angel investors who have reviewed your company and completed their own EAGR assessment. Schedule two 30 minutes discussions with experts in angel investment. (Note: Recommendation of the WDCA founder at Step 3 is required as a prerequisite). Fee: $3900.

Step 5: All companies that have completed Steps 1, 2 and 3 are eligible for individualized advice and instruction for their company on an ongoing basis. Please contact the WDCA for more information.

                  Get your free Baseline EAGR Report

The Washington DC ArchAngels have developed a unique tool that will help both entrepreneurs and investors assess the readiness of any early-stage company for angel investment. It is titled the Entrepreneurs Assessment and Guidance Report (EAGR). The EAGR is set up as a questionnaire with suggested answers.

The person the EAGR should be an entrepreneur or angel investor who would like to determine whether the company’s business plan covers all the domains (subject areas) that investors are typically concerned about. The questions and answers are based on over a decade of experience with hundreds of entrepreneurs and angel investors to determine which domains are most important to investors, and by extension, are the most important to determining the eventual success of the company.

The EAGR is NOT a predictor of success. Rather, it is a tool to help any company understand the basic elements of successful companies. By answering the questions honestly, the entrepreneur can determine which domains they need to improve. For investors, the EAGR will help them decide whether an angel investment should be made.

The EAGR will be available within a few months. Please contact Randy Reade at for more information.