Ms. Catherine Zhou is the CEO of EcoKMC LLC, a product, technology and systems integrator of green building, Eco-City, environmental and clean technology, and energy conservation industries. As a small U.S. clean-tech and management consulting firm, our mission is to promote and integrate technology and solutions into China’s ever-growing urbanization market. This mission is collaborated through her other entities, EcoKMC (Suzhou) Business Consulting Co., Ltd, EcoKMC (Beijing) New Material Co., Ltd, and EcoKMC (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. With offices in Los Angeles, Suzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing, on the one side, EcoKMC has been successfully promoting products, technology, and solutions in China through a tightly managed nationwide distributor channel; on the other side, EcoKMC works closely with MoHURD (Ministry of Housing Urban Rural Development), CABR (China Academy of Building Research Institute), Suzhou local municipality, and prominent universities and institutes to influence industry codes and standards, which would enable the application of these products and technologies, and to obtain policy supports, which enable grants and pilot projects to portfolio products. EcoKMC is currently also the management company of Solatube’s China JV, Solatube CECEP Daylighting Technology Co., LTD. 

Prior to this, Catherine was the Vice President and China General Manager of Sage Electrochromics, Inc. of Saint Gobain, a global Fortune 200 company. Sage is the world leader of Dynamic glass. Supported by US DOE from the beginning, Sage spent 20 years to research and develop dynamic glass, starting from 2003 its first commercial installation, it has since been the only company that commercialized dynamic glass with a few hundred projects in U.S., Europe, and Middle East. With Ms. Zhou’s endeavor at Sage, Sage successfully launched into China, and was not only accepted to prominent public business projects, but also invited to the revisal committee of China Green Building Assessment Standard.

Before Sage, Catherine was the General Manager at Solatube CECIC Daylight Technology Co., Ltd. In this role, Ms. Zhou led a team providing all aspects of leading and establishing China Tubular Daylighting industry, from manufacturing Tubular Daylight Device (TDD) products for Green Buildings in China, to promoting awareness of daylighting technology and applications in burgeoning Chinese market, and to creating Tubular Daylighting Industry in China. Under Catherine’s leadership, Solatube was invited by China Architecture Standard Institute to compose China Tubular Daylight Device Standard.

Before joining Solatube CECIC Daylight Technology Co., Ltd. in 2009, Ms. Zhou worked for a diverse range of organizations, including FMC Technologies (Ogden, UT, USA), Nu-kote International (Nashville, TN, USA), and COSMOS the design analysis unit of Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp (Los Angeles, CA, USA).

Ms. Zhou has more than 20 years of professional experience in international marketing management, global multi-market product launch and market penetration, business development strategy, and sales in the US, Western Europe, Asia Pacific, South America, Africa and the Middle East, and she now focuses on China market.

Ms. Zhou’s varied background in strategic business development, international marketing and sales, and business consulting provided the perfect foundation for developing Greenbuilding, Ecocity partnership, Energy Efficiency product, and Environmental Protection industry in China.

Ms. Zhou has also served in various leadership roles to foster industry growth and business community development: As the executive committee member of the management board of U.S. China Energy Cooperation Program (ECP,, she played a critical role in fostering collaboration with China Green Building Council, National Mayor’s Institute, and Energy Foundation; As the Vice Chair for American Chamber of Commerce Suzhou (, she was indispensable in building presence of AmCham in Suzhou and acquiring local governmental support for American business community; As the Executive committee member for Solar Decathlon China, she brought great resources for its success. She also served as Research Chair for AMA (American Marketing Association) Great Tennessee Chapter as well as various leadership role in Toast Masters Int’l in Southern California.

Graduated with Dean’s Scholar Award from University of California, Irvine, Ms. Zhou holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA), and she also earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical & Electronics engineering from SouthWest JiaoTong University in China.

Catherine Zhou