BlueStar SeniorTech ("Veterans keeping Seniors Safe, Healthy, Connected") provides aging-in-place technologies to seniors, helping keep them safe, healthy, and connected in their homes. 

  • Presenter:  Rob Wray, BlueStar Senior Tech, Rockville MD

Algorithmic Intuition, Inc. (“helping aging adults”) provides ADLcare, an electronic health monitor kit with a wearable body “patch” that helps track motion, health and wellness conditions of seniors/elderly/clients at home 24/7. Aging adults that live at home live longer. When attached, the patch’s monitoring and AI capabilities (2 patents filed) enables tracking and data collection on status of adult daily living (ADL) status, heart rate, temperature and falling. 

  • Presenter: Dan Brown, Algorithmic Intuition, Inc., Millbrae CA 

Company Showcase for June 2018

Zynnovation LLC ("Save Water, Plants and Labor") provides customers with TreeDiaper, a patented, low cost, advanced plant protection system that catches and slowly releases rainwater to plants, dramatically reducing need for watering. TreeDiaper suppresses weeds, encourages healthy root growth, reduces runoff and protects plants from extreme weather.   ​

  • Presenter:  Wei Zhang, Zynnovation LLC, Ashland VA

Meet the Entrepreneurs


Introducing leading successful founders and CEOs of startup and emerging growth companies that participate in monthly business meetings of the Washington DC ArchAngels.

ServerCube, Inc. ("Distributed High-Performance Computing Power") provides patent-pending, cloud-competitive, high computing capacity mini-servers with virtual supercomputing and 5G edge computing performance. The company's  swarm computing  infrastructure basically inverts the datacenter model through an aggregated, multi-location computer infrastructure.

  • ​Presenter:  Sunil Singh, ServerCube, Inc., New York NY

Propagenix Inc. ("Solving the Cell Manufacturing Challenge") provides bio-pharmaceutical and medical device firms with engineered tissues for surgical transplantation. Healthy, fully functioning cells are obtained from individual patients, grown to clinical scale amounts and then used to replace the patient's own dysfunctional or damaged skin, airway, and corneal lining cells.

  • Presenter: Brian Pollok, Propagenix Inc., Rockville MD  

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EVUS Inc. ("Never too Cold to Heat") provides the HVAC industry with heating devices based on magnet-induction technology that are cost effective, highly efficient and easily installed and integrated into existing HVAC system equipment. 

  • Presenter:  Patricio Reygadas, EVUS Inc., Las Cruces NM