William "Bill" Anderson is the Assistant Secretary of Aquatic Resources for the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. The Honorable William C. "Bill" Anderson, also the Founder Anderson Global Innovation Group - brings 26 years of diverse global business and government leadership experience to the Washington DC Archangels. In August 2009, he was appointed to the Advisory Board of Hyperion Power Generation. Upon leaving government service in 2008, Anderson founded his own consulting firm, Anderson Global Innovation Group, Inc.

In 2005, President of the United States George W. Bush nominated Anderson to be Assistant Secretary of the Air Force (Installations, Environment & Logistics), and, after Senate confirmation, Anderson held this office from November 2005 until August 2008. 

In September 1990, he joined General Electric as Senior Counsel - Environmental, Health and Safety, a position he held until November 2005.

Bill was born in Syracuse, New York and educated at Washington College, receiving a B.A. in History in 1980. He then attended the Syracuse University College of Law, receiving a J.D. in 1983. Anderson then spent several years working in a variety of financial and tax consulting positions at Merrill Lynch, Arthur Andersen, and Ryder. He spent 1989-90 studying in the master's program in international business at the University of Miami School of Business Administration, but did not complete the degree.

William Anderson